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Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)

Children's Crusade, a ballad for children's voices and orchestra, op. 82
Mark Emney; John Wojciechowski; Raymond Hares; Stephen Daniels; Adrian Thompson (Tenor); Colin Morris; Graham Preston; Barnaby Jago
Ian Cobb (Piano); John Clegg (Piano); Johnatan Smith (Organ); Eric Crees (Percussion); John Tobin (Percussion); Chris Tingley (Percussion); Richard Courtney (Percussion); Brian Elton (Percussion); Graham Harbage (Percussion)
Wandsworth School Boys Choir (chorus master Russel Burgess) / Wandsworth School Boys Orchestra conducted by Benjamin Britten
1969/10/10 & 1969/10/11 - St. John's, Smith Square, London, England
CD (2) DECCA - The British Music Collection - 468 811-2; CD (1) DECCA - LONDON - 436 393-2 LM