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Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)

The Beggar's Opera, a ballad-opera by John Gay (1728) realized from the original airs by Benjamin Britten, op. 46
Peter Pears (Tenor); Nancy Evans (Contralto); Rose Hill; George James; Flora Nielsen; Otakar Kraus (Baritone); Jennifer Vyvyan (Soprano); Norman Platt; Gladys Parr; Norman Lumsden (Bass); Catherine Lawson; Lesley Duff; Mildred Watson; Dennis Dowling; Roy Ashton; Max Worthley; John Highcock
English Opera Group (Chamber Orchestra) conducted by Benjamin Britten
CD (1) PEARL - GEM 0225

The Rape of Lucretia, Opera, op. 37
Peter Pears (Tenor); Joan Cross (Soprano); Norman Lumsden (Bass); Dennis Dowling; Frederick Sharpe; Nancy Evans (Contralto); Flora Nielsen; Margaret Ritchie
English Opera Group (Chamber Orchestra) conducted by Reginald Goodall, supervised by Benjamin Britten
1947/07/16 to 1947/07/19, 1947/10/19 - EMI Studio N1, Abbey Road, London, England
CD (2) EMI CLASSICS - British Composers - CMS 764727 2